Monday, June 4, 2012

I appreciate good music

Thank you, Dave Matthews.

Being a house wife is easy. My actual paid job is to take care of people, afterward coming home to do wifely duties such as laundry and sweeping. I have days where I feel I am a part time mother… to old people. Other days I actually get to spend with young children and get a taste of motherhood. Today was one of those.

I came home planning to clean and get dinner ready. Somehow I ended up falling asleep on a pair of jeans. (Apparently spending the morning with one kid took it out of me.) Having just woke up, I looked around and saw how messy the apartment still was. I may or may not have whimpered. 

This mess was made by adults.

Thinking about the mess brought me to my computer. (I'm human. Sometimes we tend to escape the real world by exploring cyber-space.) Apparently before I fell asleep, I opened a Dave Matthew's Band song on youtube and put it on pause without listening to it. 

I love this song, but listening to it while recovering from the grogginess of an unintentional two-hour nap on a pair of jeans was one of the weirder things I've experienced. 

Eventually I came to, and replayed the song. 
There sure is something marvelous about it.
I think it may be something only DMB fans can appreciate. 

(Yes, I did discover this song through American Idol. I am not ashamed. I still love Dave.)


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